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Main objectives of AGRICOM project are:

1. Identifying and analysing targeted needs and competences that are required by the labour market for specific use cases and jobs from several fields of the agricultural sector.

2. Transferring and adapting the generic WACOM competence model towards the AGRICOM competence model (ACM) allowing more agricultural use cases.

3. Pilot testing the ACM to the jobs specialisations related to agricultural uses of water resources (irrigation, hydroponics, etc).

4. Establishing the AGRICOM online community for communication, moderated discussions and exchange of project results, experiences and expertise on competence modelling for vocational education and training in the agricultural sector.

5. Establishing the AGRICOM web portal and populating it with more agricultural use cases.

6. Enhancing the transparency of the job profiles in the agricultural sector.

7. Supporting the conjunction of vocational education and training with the labour market and jobs specialisations. Main long-term objective and addressed impact is the introduction of competence modelling to the agricultural sector to develop a first Agriculture Competence Model and to strengthen the transparency and comparability of VET opportunities through the transfer of WCM and the adaptation of ECVET and EQF